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Back to School Naturally and Easefully

The school year is among us, and we all want our kids to start healthy and strong! Now is the perfect time to stock up on some back-to-school essentials. The start of the school year can stir up many feelings and it also means your kids will be exposed to more germs and toxins throughout the day. doTERRA has all the natural products you need to help prepare and protect your children. doTERRA can help your kids mentally, physically, and emotionally as they head back to school.

We will discuss:

    • Supplementation for a healthy nutritional foundation
    • Immune Support
    • Diffuser tips for purifying the air
    • Sleep blends
    • Homework helper blends
    • Blends to calm anxious feelings
    • Non-toxic cleaning
    • Healthy hair bonus tip
    • Teacher tip


The key to staying healthy is a healthy gut that has it’s roots in nutrition. I think we all understand that our food it not as nutritious as it formerly was. My sister is studying to be a dietician ans she learned that it takes eating 21 oranges to get the same amount of vitmain C that only 1 orange contained 50 yrs ago. Our foods are nutrient depleted so we’re not getting what we need despite great eating habits. This means supplementation is a neccessity. This is especially true for our kids as they head back to school and are exposed to more people and different germs. doTERRA carries an adult and children’s supplement line that is perfect for keeping them healthy and supporting their brains.


Start the day off right with Vitamins and Supplements

    • IQ Mega
    • A to Z Chewable
    • PB Assist Jr.


IQ Mega

    • Promotes cardiovascular health
    • Supports healthy joint function and comfort
    • Provides important modulating nutrients for healthy immune function
    • Protects against lipid oxidation and supports healthy functions of the brain
    • Promotes healthy skin
    • Supports healthy function of the eyes and nervous system
    • Delivers 1,300 mg of pure, concentrated, molecularly filtered, and completely deodorized marine lipids with 900 mg DHA and 400 mg of EPA per daily serving.


A2Z Chewables

    • No high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors.
    • Contains a superfood blend that helps support overall health.
    • Formulated with doTERRA’s proprietary Alpha CRS Blend.
    • A balanced blend of essential vitamins including the antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E and a cellular energy complex of B vitamins.
    • Includes a blend of bioavailable minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese. n


PB Assist Jr

    • Provides 5 billion live cells of 6 strains of friendly flora selected for their unique stability at room temperature.
    • Ability to survive the harsh extremes of acidity, alkalinity, and digestive enzymes in the digestive system.
    • In our gut, we have “good” bacteria, and we have “bad” bacteria and its always optimal to make sure that the good outnumber the bad.


Immune Support

Back to school is the season in which teachers, parents, and kids could all use a little immune boost.


On Guard Softgels


doTERRA On Guard Softgels combine the proprietary blend of doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend with Black Pepper, Oregano, and Melissa essential oils for additional immune support. doTERRA On Guard is a great way to strengthen and maintain healthy immune function when seasonal threats are high. This is not a supplement that we take daily, but it’s great to have on hand for time when your immune system needs extra support.


On Guard

    • On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system when ingested.


On Guard Touch

    • Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats
    • Provides an energizing, uplifting aroma
    • Purifying to the skin

When you diffuse these oils, they not only smell amazing, but they have therapeutic properties. Each oil has unique properties, some are great for purifying the air, some calm anxious feelings, others help with sleep. A great tip as we head back to school is to kick off the morning with some invigorating blends or whatever you think your kid will need that day. Then at night diffuse oils that are calming and relaxing. Fill your diffuser with water in the evening before you go to bed and let the kids add the oils in the morning. Below are some suggestions for purifying the air, bedtime blends, homework helper blends, and blends to calm anxious feelings. By diffusing everyone in your home will get the benefits of the oils.


If you do not already own a diffuser, I recommend reading my article, Diffusers and Diffusing, to learn more about all the diffusers doTERRA offers.


Blends for Purifying the Air




This blend contains the following ingredients: Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils. OnGuard is doTERRA’s protective blend. It has an energizing and uplifting aroma and supports healthy respiratory function. When diffused this blend helps purify the air. Diffuse this oil to keep the air in your home clean and for respiratory support of the whole family.




This blend contains the following ingredients: Litsea Fruit, Tangerine Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Frankincense Resin, Cardamom Seed. Air-X is designed to help freshen the air when diffused. Experimental research suggests that Litsea, an essential oil used in Air-X, soothes and promotes feelings of openness. Results from early research demonstrate Limonene, a major component found in Air-X, may provide cleansing benefits. Diffuse this throughout your home to keep the toxins your family is inhaling to a minimum. This is also a great blend if you have animals in the house.


Other blends I love:


Harvest Spice: this oil will make your home smell like you are baking a pie, but it also has air purifying properties.

Abode: this is great for cleaning day (any of the citrus oils will give your home a fresh clean smell as well)

Wild Orange and Peppermint: this is my favorite diffuser blend to get everyone’s brain to wake up.

Rosemary and Lemon: this has been shown to support memory (would be great before school or while doing homework)


Sleep Blends

If there is one thing most people could use a little more of it is sleep. Our kids especially need sleep on school nights for their brains to function optimally at school. Check out some of the blends below to help with sleep. For more sleep tips you can also check out my article, The Best Bedtime Habits for a Restful Night’s Sleep.



    • Specifically designed for more restful sleep with cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood, lavender, roman chamomile


Lavender and Cedarwood

    • This is a popular blend in our house


Juniper Berry

    • Add this to whatever blend you are diffusing to help with bad dreams



    • Creates a restful atmosphere at bedtime
    • Relaxing and positive aroma
    • Soothing environment


Homework Helper Blends


    • InTune is doTERRA’s focus blend. I use it as my daily perfume and it’s a gorgeous blend of lime, sandalwood, and patchoulli
    • This blend contains relaxing and uplifting aromas that make studying and working more delightful.
    • You can apply this oil to the temples and back of the neck for your kids before they begin their homework.



    • Fresh, invigorating citrus aroma
    • Designed with ingredients that may help with performing tasks
    • Perfect as a part of your study-time routine



    • Use as part of a tension-relieving massage
    • Comforting and soothing to the skin with a beautifully spearmint aroma
    • Creates a cooling experience when applied topically


Blends to Calm Anxious Feelings


The first week back at school can be exciting and nerve wracking, for parents and kids. doTERRA has oils that can help manage those feelings.



    • Children may have a difficult time expressing their big emotions. Every-day stressors can lead to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, tired, and irritable. Adaptiv is an amazing line that can help your little or big kids relax, promoting peace, and a restful night of sleep. The Adaptiv system is a toolbox to help the body and mind stay balanced during life’s stressful moments. There’s a 15mL blend bottle, roller, and capsules.



    • Creates a calming atmosphere
    • When diffused, provides a tranquil aroma


I apply Balance to the bottom of my feet an back of my neck every morning to start the day peacefully and mindfully.



    • Invigorating aroma
    • Beneficial with positive affirmations in stressful situations
    • Creates a confident, courageous atmosphere



    • Helps create a balanced atmosphere with the calming aroma
    • Complements affirmations encouraging a grounded mood
    • Apply over your heart to inspire gratitude



    • The calming aroma may ease the effects of motion sickness
    • Provides a soothing abdominal massage



    • Promotes feelings of wellness and vitality
    • Comforting to occasional skin irritations
    • Soothing to the emotions during times of distress

Non-Toxic Cleaning

When I was experiencing autoimmune health issues I learned about the ways that traditional, toxic cleaning products impact our bodies and weaken our immune systems.


OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate

    • Contains rosemary, eucalyptus, wild orange, clove, and cinnamon essential oils.
    • One bottle of doTERRA On Guard Concentrate Cleaner can make 12, 12 oz bottles of cleaner.
    • To make an all-surface cleaner add 1 tablespoon to a 12 oz glass bottle and then fill it up with water. The directions on the bottle say to 2 tablespoons of the concentrated cleaner for 24oz, so for a 12 oz bottle you would use 1 tablespoon
    • You can use this to clean backpacks, bottoms of shoes, toys, and more.
    • Read more on how to make household cleaners out of essential oils: How to Make Household Cleaners with Essential Oils


Abode Line

    • The Abode line is great for keeping your home clean, especially when kids are bringing home all those extra germs from school. It is a powerful surface cleaner.
    • Read more about the Abode line: Detox Your Home’s Cleaning Routine with doTERRA’s Newest Abode Line



    • A powerful cleanser that also supports healthy digestion, respiratory function, and mental focus.
    • Beef up any of your non-toxic cleaners by adding Rosemary to them


On Guard Sanitizing Mist

    • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria
    • doTERRA On Guard Protective Blend provides an invigorating citrus spice aroma
    • Infused with moisturizing apple extract
    • Cleanses hands when soap and water are unavailable
    • A convenient size for travel and on-the-go use

On Guard Sanitizing Hand Wipes

  • On Guard Sanitizing Hand Wipes are made for your busy life on the go.
    • Ideal for eliminating germs during daily activities or travel, the individually wrapped wipes fit easily in your car, purse, briefcase, backpack, or suitcase. Infused with the protective benefits of On Guard essential oil and aloe leaf extract, the wipes clean hands while being gentle on your skin and are even safe to use on little one’s hands.

DIY Hand Spray


2 tbsp of Fractionated Coconut Oil

1 tsp of Aloe Vera

20-30 drops of On Guard (or 10 drops spearmint, 10 drops rosemary, and 10 drop tea tree)

2 tsp of Rubbing Alcohol


Mix all ingredients together in a 4 oz glass spray bottle. Shake bottle to mix all ingredients, spray on hands and rub together.

Healthy Hair Bonus Tip

This is a great recipe to repel those little bugs that kids often get in their hair from school. I spray this on my little ones hair every morning before school.

DIY Hair Repellent Spray


20 drops of Tea Tree

20 drops of Rosemary

20 drops of Lavender or Peppermint

Witch hazel and water


Mix all ingredients together in a 4 oz glass spray bottle, fill ½ with Witch Hazel, and ½ with water (can use all water if you prefer). Shake and spray on hair every morning.

Teacher Tips

You didn’t think I would end this post without giving the teachers some tips, did you? These tips will help you keep your immune system boosted and maintain a clean classroom.

Apply Your Oils

    • Self-Care is so important for your physical and mental health.
    • Apply oils like On Guard and Stronger to keep your immune system functioning optimally.
    • Use oils like Adaptiv to combat any stress that may arise throughout the day.

Bring a Diffuser

    • Diffusing is an excellent way to purify the air.
    • This will also keep your classroom smelling amazing and help boost yours and your students’ moods, along with helping to keep students focused
    • Some of my favorite oils to have on hand are, On Guard, Breathe, Balance, Motivate, Wild Orange, and Peppermint.

Classroom Spray


5 drops of Eucalyptus

5 drops of Lavender

10 drops of Citrus Bliss

2oz of water

1.5 oz of witch hazel

Mix all ingredients together in a 4 oz glass spray bottle. Shake bottle and spray throughout the classroom.

Cleanse Spray – Use this for wiping down desks in your classroom.


16 oz of water

1 tablespoon of On Guard Cleaner Concentrate

15 drops of Lemon or Purifyn

Happy Back-to-School season! I hope this article helps you get off to a great new school year and helps you keep your family healthy.


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