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What is the deal with collagen?


Everyone and their mother has been talking about collagen over the last few years. I have dabbled with different brands and have not yet found one I truly love. Either they didn’t have enough types of peptides OR it was in liquid form (more about that later) OR it tasted literally like cow hooves.


Hence, my excitement when in June I heard that dōTERRA was coming out with a collagen supplement that ticked all the boxes for me.


There are 9 different collagen species within the doTERRA Advantage supplement …

    • Collagen type I is related to skin beauty.
    • Collagen type II is related to bone protection and is the main component of cartilage.
    • Collagen type IV is the main protein of the basement membrane, connecting the dermis and the epidermis and forming a network structure to make the basement membrane malleable.
    • Collagen type V is related to the regular arrangement of collagen fibers, stabilizing the structures of type I and type II collagen.
    • Collagen type VI maintains mechanical function in the cell, supporting both muscle function and cell membrane integrity. Additionally, this collagen type inhibits oxidative damage and apoptosis.
    • Collagen type IX is an important component of cartilage and is mainly distributed in the cartilage cells of growth plates, joints, and intervertebral discs.
    • Collagen type XXV inhibits the fibrillation of amyloid beta peptide.
    • Col1a2 protein is collagen fibrillin.
    • Vacuolar protein sorting 37A is involved in cell growth and differentiation
    • sourced from sustainably harvested cold-water marine fish
    • hydrolyzed (predigested) by endo- and exo-nuclease enzymes known as proteases, which create small tripeptide fragments of three amino acid sequences that are up to 12x more absorbable than other brands
    • contains both NMN and NAD+ which slow down the biological aging process (read: you’ll feel and look younger, longer)
    • has a mild (delicious) grapefruit taste
    • as it is dried/hydrolyzed, it has lower impacts on shipping and you’re not paying for water


How is this going to impact your life?

    • clinical research has shown to boost skin appearance by promoting skin density, increasing firmness, decreasing wrinkles, and improving hydration
    • Contains ingredients that promote a healthy circulatory system, nervous system, and mitochondria (cellular energy)\
    • help maintain healthy mental/physical function and performance


How people are saying about their experiences so far …

    • “I have more energy and feel 10 years younger!”
    • “I have dropped 10 pounds and lost 1″ around my waist. My skin is firmer and I no longer have brain fog in the middle of the afternoon. This is after just 30 days of use.”
    • “As a mom, I have felt so disconnected and scattered. This disappeared within 3 days of using this product.”
    • “I can’t believe the difference I feel in 3 weeks! My brain fog is gone, energy is up, skin looks amazing, mood is better. And I”m starting to lose weight!”
    • “With my age, I had given up on brain fog, lack of energy and sleep. MetaPWR Advantage gave all these things and more!”
    • “I am 50 years old and I have to work really hard to show up with positivity, energy, and fun. With MetaPWR, it’s not work anymore to show up.”
    • “I am only on day 4 and feel amazing. I can already feel a difference in my energy and sleep. I was able to completely give up coffee as I no longer crave it!”


Learn more …


MetaPWR & Metabolic Health Webinars

Virtual: Thursday October 6th

8:30PM AST


In Person: Thursday October 13th n7PM AST




I am diving into ALL THE DETAILS on this product line from dōTERRA as it relates to YOUR metabolic health. Join us for the in-person workshop to try samples of all the Meta PWR products. I can’t wait for you to join me!


Have a fabulous day & be well!



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