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My Top Product Picks for a Clean, Fabulous Summer

Some people have a go bag or a purse or a back pack. How ever you travel through your day, on the road, or around the globe, let’s get green on some of the must-haves for a breezy summer.

Portable First Aid Kit


This has got to be one of the MOST simple ways you can save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle from ineffective products. The last thing you want when your child has a sunburn or bug bite or cut is to be messing around with complicated products that just don’t offer that much relief. Take care of the most common concerns quickly, simply, and safely with this DIY kit.


Grab yourself a zipped pouch or perhaps you already have a make-up bag you’re not using and you can keep it simple and up-cycle small bottle to help you prep this kit. Purchase the supplies once and keep it in the car or toss it into your beach bag.


    1. Correct X – this is your natural version of Polysporin. Great for dry lips, hangnails, dry skin patches, as a balm around splinters, blisters, cuts and scraps. I love this ointment and use it through the winter to keep my lips from chapping.
    2. OnGuard Santizing Mist – this is your natural hand / surface sanitizer if you’re grabbing a bite on the go or need to make sure hands are clean. Natural and with apple pectin, it’s actually gentle on the hands while killing 99.9% of germs. Great addition to help keep up your imunity while travel.
    3. Peppermint Beadlets – in a vial containing 125 of these little beadlets, 1 beadlet is equivalent to 1/4 of a drop of oil so it’s safe for little ones but keep away from pets as the veggie cap contains xylitol. Great for upset tummies, bad breath, mental altertness, bloating, gas, diahhrea.
    4. Ginger Lemon Lozenges – great to soothe your throat naturally and helpful also for upset tummies thanks to the ginger.
    5. Deep Blue rub sachets – in a set of 10, take Deep Blue rub alone with you where ever you go to soothe headaches, muscle aches, bruising, growing pains, knees pains and more. Inhale the pepperminty aroma to soothe congestion and coughing.
    6. Terrashield Spray – this one’s a non-negotiable for me to naturally repel mosquitos, ticks, and all manner of flying pests. Buy a 15mL bottle of Terrashield blend with the spray bottle and you’ll be able to refill it yourself or even use in the diffuser to discourage pests while you’re outdoors.
    7. doTERRA SUN sunscreen – this mineral-based, non-nano zinc and reef friendly line of suncare products with shea butter and carrot seed oil is just great skincare. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and definitely handy to have with you for all your outdoor adventures.
    8. Balance or Adaptiv roller – travelling can be stressful and to help you keep your cool, pack a Balance or Adaptiv roller to keep your composure when you have to deal with the unexpected. Just roller on the bottom of your feet and back of your neck first thing in the morning to set the stage for a great day and keep handy for a refresh when needed.


Add some Band Aids or gauze and tape, small scissors, and tweezers and that should help you get started!


In the Car and Hotel Room

    1. A portable, rechargeable diffuser is such a great ally for smooth road trips. Emitting the natural aroma of essential oils can help keep people alert on hot days, soothe a dodgy tummy, and calm the crankies. I just plain LOVE diffusing wild orange and peppermint in the car. Fresh and simple, it supports concentration, is cooling and the bright citrus uplifts the mood. Bring along lemon, tea tree, onGuard or Purify essential oils and you can use your portable diffuser in the room when you arrive to clean the air and switch it up later for lavender or Serenity blend to help everyone sleep in a new environment.


Perhaps it’s menopause hitting me harder or just the heat of the day catching up but I LOVE a mister of spearmint in the evening. It’s cool on the back of my neck, soothing, and fresh and just helps rinse the heat and troubles of the day away. You can also mist your screen doors and window screens to help repel ants from coming indoors. I love this mister from doTERRA … it comes in a package of 2, is easily refillable, and produces a fine mist to use as a linen spray, after-sun spray, room freshener, counter cleanser and more.


Don’t forget to keep your water consumption up while you’re on the go and in the heat. I love adding grapefruit or green mandarin or tangerine and lemon to my water bottle and peppermint is sure to be a great pick me up and tummy soother while you’re out and about.

Join me for more recipes, tips and insights into keeping your summer fresh and simple.


Until next time,



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