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Spa Life Series: Radical Self-Care Introduced and Pink Pepper for Breast Care

Have you ever heard of radical self-care? I hadn’t either and frankly, it sounded like an aggressive form of massage! Well, it’s not and it’s something I used to do and somehow the business of life started to eat away at time I would spend fill my own cup up and all of the sudden, or so it seemed, I’m no longer feeling like myself. Can you relate? The kids need you, your parents need you, your job is demanding, you’re caring for so many people and your self-care suffers.


The concept of radical self-care simply means that you prioritize, that’s the radical part, your needs. You can’t pour from an empty cup, right?


In this series, it’s my intention to share with you what I’ve learned over the years and what I’m still learning to provide a well of options for your to explore.


Let’s get started and learn how pink pepper essential oil can support our self-care.n nA sacred tree to the Incans, Pink Pepper essential oil was originally derived from a tree native to the Amazon and sacred to the Incans. doTERRA now sources this beautiful oil through a co-impact sourcing model in Kenya, positively impacting these harvesters families, and communities. The oil is distilled from the fruit of the pink peppercorn tree, which was used by indigenous people as herbal solutions to health needs.


Pink peppercorn is similar in appearance to black peppercorn except for the obvious color. The “molle,” or pink peppercorn tree, was considered a sacred tree to ancient Incans. Indigenous populations used all parts of the tree, including the pink peppercorn fruit, as herbal solutions to health needs. Pink Pepper may also help the body maintain healthy cellular function and overall cellular health. Limonene and α-Phellandrene, two of the main chemical components of Pink Pepper essential oil, may be calming to the nervous system.


Aromatically, Pink Pepper Essential Oil has a fresh, fruity, peppery aroma. It is similar to a traditional black pepper aroma, but with brighter and sweater notes. It blends well with other spice, floral, and citrus essential oils. The aroma can be quite stimulating and may help enhance alertness and stamina.



    • Supports healthy immune, digestive, and respiratory systems.
    • Relaxing to the nervous system.
    • May support healthy breast tissue.


    • Massage: Create a soothing massage in combination with a carrier oil.
    • Nervous System: Take internally, to help soothe the nervous system.
    • Invigorating: Blend Pink Pepper with citrus or floral oils to create an invigorating aroma.
    • Cellular Function: May help promote healthy cellular immune function and response when consumed.
    • Airways: Take internally to support the respiratory system.
    • Metabolism: Add to a glass of water and consume daily.
    • Brain Fog: Inhale directly from bottle or use in a diffuser.
    • Breast Health: Add a few drops to a carrier oil and massage into breasts.n

Breast Support


Add the essential oils to a 10mL roller bottle and top with fractionated coconut oil.

Choose a month each quarter and perform a breast massage each day using this blend.


Apply this blend and massage into the breast and lymph tissue (front of under arm/side of breast). It’s difficult to break up lymph tissue where many pathogens and other junk from the body can be stored. Normal physical activities just aren’t enough movement to achieve this unless you’re often on a trampoline. To accomplish this, remove the bra and bend at the waist, slightly leaning over and shimmy, pumping your shoulders alternately backwards and forwards. This “shaking up” of the breasts and tissues helps the body’s natural detox systems to better do their job and frankly, it’s kind of fun.

To make a larger batch and re-purpose your fractioned coconut bottle with a pump, follow this recipe.



5mL Pink Pepper

5mL Frankincense

5mL Wild Orange

5 mL Bergamot

4 mL Lemon

4 mL Geranium

100mL of Fractionated Coconut Oil


If you grab a bottle of fractionated coconut oil from doTERRA it will be 115mL, remove about two tablespoons, add the essential oils, and add a pump top to your bottle for ease of use.

Note: Grapefruit essential oil can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so it is best to use this at least 12 hours before you plan to be in the sun or to completely cover the area with sun protective clothing before going into the sun.

Clean Deodorant

Another way to support healthy breasts is by swapping out your conventional deodorant for an aluminum free deodorant or “clean” deodorant. I use one of doTERRA’s deodorants. However, when you are switching to a clean deodorant you may experience a detox/stinky phase. One of my favorite ways to help with this transition is to do an armpit detox. To do this I use the Detoxifying Mud Mask from doTERRA. You will notice that this product is made to be used on the face, but it works well for armpits and bottom of the feet, too if you’re switching to natural products to support a more comfortable detox period. It’s also helpful to add a little lemon oil to your water and increase your water consumption to help with this elimination. During the transition you can do this armpit detox every day, but I would only use this on my face once or twice a week. After you’ve gotten through the transition, I recommend just putting the mud mask on your armpits whenever you do your face before jumping in the shower.

You can also apply the Breast Detox Blend on your armpits daily, under your deodorant to support healthy breast tissue.


Dry Brushing

I also like using Pink Pepper in my dry brushing routine. Dry brushing is the practice of using a brush with coarse, natural fiber bristles and gently brushing over the entirety of the body in a particular pattern. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system by opening the pores and allowing the body to sweat out the toxins. Essential oils can amp up your dry brushing routine and add a little something extra to your skin depending on the oil you use.

You could also try adding doTERRA’s new MetaPWR blend with the Pink Pepper. MetaPWR is doTERRA’s metabolic blend that helps with metabolic health and decreasing the maturation of fat cells. MetaPWR and Pink Pepper would blend together nicely for a stimulating dry brushing routine. To learn more about dry brushing read , The Benefits of Dry Brushing Skin | Essential Oils for Dry Brushing.

Support Healthy Immune System

    • Add a couple drops to a veggie capsule to take internally
    • Add to black tea or chai tea after it’s cooled slightly

It is easy to look at an essential oil like Pink Pepper and just not know what to do with it, so I hope this article helped you discover some unique ways to incorporate it into your essential oil collection. I also hope this helps remind you to take good care of your girls, we only get the one set, so keep them as healthy as possible.

Until next time, keep prioritizing yourself and I hope to see you soon!




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